Edlavitch DCJCC


Edlavitch DCJCC


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The Edlavitch DCJCC is the Jewish community's address in our Nation's Capital, providing uniquely urban educational, social, cultural, and fitness programs to the DC community inside and outside the beltway. 

 Open to all, with the mission of building and preserving Jewish identity, they promote community heritage, tradition and values through a wide variety of social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs and services. The Center accomplishes these goals in ways that reflect the unique location and role of the Center in the nation's Capital and the many contributions of the American Jewish community in the United States.

Visual Identity

With all of this in mind, as well as the board members' request to make sure that the logo is not too Jewish and more DC centric, I created a mark that combines the DC flag with the Star of David, as well as an E for the generous donation of the Edlavitch family. 


The EDCJCC lives at the intersection between things that might otherwise seem contradictory. How can an organization have the sophistication of high art while also feeling warm? How can an organization be hip while also being comfortable? Oftentimes modern styles oppose warm, comforting atmospheres. So to an untrained eye, these sentiments seem on polar ends of a spectrum. However, that unique position is where the magic happens. It is these contradictions that create a unique brand that combines the best of otherwise differing worlds. It is the epicenter of all of these elements that makes the EDCJCC special.