Compass / Realtor Branding

Compass is a technology company that is revolutionizing the real estate industry. With the belief that their brand is just as important as that of the realtor supporting and promoting it, these are identities made for local DC agents.

  • Back Story

    For a grand total of 7 months, I had the opportunity to work as a creative temp for this huge real estate startup in Washington, D.C. called Compass. With locations in pretty much every major city in the nation, and a heavy focus on marketing and designing for the realtors they employ, my job was to create logos, mailers, campaigns, brochures, books, email newsletters, Snapchat geo-filters, and many other things. However, my favorite thing was designing these logos and identities. So here are some of the logos and logo applications I made for these realtors and realty teams based on a personality test given to establish the look and feel of the final product.

  • Design

    Below are all of my favorite logos that I had the opportunity to create during my time at Compass.

Employer: Compass
Position: Creative Temp
Industry:Marketing and Non-profit
Scope: Branding
Year: 2015-16