Dead Letter #2

First off, I just wanna say, I'm not sure if I'd consider this a Dead Letter, because it was a temporary installation, but, I thought I'd put it here anyway.

So, I’ve always wanted a giant canvas, where I could do literally anything. I could never find a canvas large enough at Michael’s though. And then I got here. At this internationally acclaimed design firm. As a student I used to hear the words “design firm” and automatically think “digital.” Then I get to Wink (the place in Minneapolis, MN where I did my internship during the summer of 2014), and my dreams come true. My first project, wasn’t make a logo, or a poster, or a presentation. It was to come up with a design for their 12 foot by 11 foot chalkboard.

This is personally, one of my favorite projects, as I've never tackled anything this large scale. I am also very proud of the results since I found out that most people use a projector and trace over their designs—I didn't have that luxury.

Anyway, after developing several concepts, I ended up creating a typographic mural based on a quote that my boss created; "Do you follow the recipe or are you creating the recipe?" I started looking through the studio library, and found some nice illustrations from cookbooks of the 1950s.

I started by breaking down each word from the quote, and writing down anything that made me think of that word. I started finding this relationship between the words, and ended up at this directional, step-by-step concept.

“Do,” I thought of the Nike “Just Do It” t-shirts. “You” I could only think of pointing. “Follow” I thought of the dashed lines on a treasure map, as well as those arrow signs you might find in parks. “The”, I remembered some old letterpress posters I had seen with catchwords. “Recipe” was found in a few of the old cookbooks. “Or”, I thought of confusion (like when you just don’t know which way to turn). “Are”, I was getting tired and thought of pirate sounds (argh). And “creating,” I remembered those dust clouds you see when cartoon characters are building elaborate constructions within a matter of seconds. 

Wink, Inc.

Creative Intern

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