District Partners Real Estate

District Partners Real Estate, LLC, is a full service real estate boutique located in Del Ray, Alexandria. Led by owner/founder Andre Perez, the company is known for highly personalized service in a competitive and ever-changing marketplace. With over sixteen years of hands-on experience in real estate and mortgage lending, Andre has a vast knowledge of the diverse neighborhoods, towns and cities that make up the DC Metro area.

  • Back Story

    District Partners Real Estate offers a focused approach to real estate representation. Our clients run the gamut from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors. Our team philosophy begins with relationship building. It’s the most common thing to hear from a Realtor of course but for us, it is genuine. Regardless of the market’s ups and downs, its trends and challenges, we are here for our clients and our community, from start to finish.

    It would be difficult to find someone who hasn’t been aware of the national real estate market’s recent difficulties. While the downturn was painful, challenges can often bring opportunities. It is also important to know that the Washington DC metro market does not necessarily mirror national trends. It is an area that has gone through its own unique socioeconomic evolution and is currently in a transformational era that is linked to local legislature, business initiatives, evolving commercial models and grassroots community building.

  • Naming

    The name "District Partners," in part, cae from the company's previous name, "District One." Whatever it became, I felt that he new name still had to connect with past clients and be neutral to residents in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. With that in mind, it was necessary to keep the word "District" within the name, because most Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia residents, because it makes things simpler, geographically, say they are from D.C.

  • Concept & Design

    Part of what I was thinking when developing this brand was the home buying process. It can be complicated and overwhelming; the searching, bidding, paperwork, and so on. That's why this logo is about more than more abstract interpretation of a DP monogram. It’s a story that every person goes through. It’s the home buying process with all of its twists and turns that eventually get you where you want to be—home.

Client: Andre Perez, District Partners
Industry: Real Estate
Scope: Branding, Editorial, Marketing
Year: 2017