Film & Moving Image

It’s the first semester of my senior year of college, and because the School of Design is continuously upgrading the curriculum and courses, they decided to take an even bigger leap, and combine the film and video majors into a single major, called Film & Moving Image. With the new major and new name, came a need for a new logo. So the held a competition for the graphic design major to create a new logo for the department.

  • Back Story

    They asked that the new logo relate to the traditional, hands on process of film, as well as new forms (and those yet to come) of digital media (including motion graphics). Being a senior at the time, I started thinking about my experiences at Stevenson U. and all of the people I’ve met along the way. I start thinking about this one time when I was helping my great friend, Octavius Johnson, work on a tape that he was working on to land a role in a show on Disney, and the whole setup process.

  • Concept & Design

    And that’s when it hit me. Not everyone knows out how to film a video or movie properly, but everyone knows the classic hand gesture used to frame a scene. And that’s how the new, improved, and official FMI logo was born.

Client: Stevenson University School of Design
Industry: Education
Scope: Branding, Fashiong, Illustration, Typography
Year: 2014