New Day Campaign

The New Day Campaign is a 2015 initiative using art to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and addiction, making the world a more healing place. The New Day Campaign culminates with public programming and outreach during the last quarter of 2015 (October 1- December 31) that will open hearts, change thinking and conversations, and offer pathways to action. I had the opportunity to work with this organization as the last assignment of my last class during my senior year of college.

  • Back Story

    In late February 2014, New Day Campaign founder Peter Bruun sat down to write a post on his Bruun Studios blog only two weeks after he and his family suffered an unthinkable tragedy – the death of his eldest daughter, Elisif, from a heroin overdose at age 24. Peter titled the post “A New Day” and began the early work of starting this Campaign.

  • Concept & Design

    The original logo was very personal to Peter, however, it didn't initiate any real reaction from the target audience. Made up of squares, the original logo is based on his paintings, which are all painted on square canvases.

    The new logo is based on the view of Earth from space, where one half of the planet experiences night, while the other experiences day. This creates a semi circle, or in this case, the "D." Inspired by the idea of positive transformation, this idea of going from a place of darkness to one of enlightenment, I developed this soft yet vibrant and contrasting color palette. Finally, with no two days being alike, so are the designs within the "D." There are a total of 30 variations, 1 for everyday of the average month, where each new day is filled with endless possibilities.

Client: Peter Brunn, New Day Campaign
Industry: Art and Non-profit
Scope: Branding, Illustration
Year: 2015