Stevenson University

Stevenson University has an annual program called Artist-In-Residence, in which a renowned member of the design field is invited to give a lecture and do a 3 day workshop. This year's A-I-R is Nathan Jurgenson, one of the nation’s leading social media theorist, a Contributing Editor for The New Inquiry, a researcher for Snapchat, and co-founder of the annual Theorizing the Web conference.

  • Back Story

    His lecture is based on the ideas "visibility is a trap" and "digital dualism" (the idea that the lines between real life and our life online are merging), based on the works of philosopher Michel Foucault.

  • Concept & Design

    Thankfully, I was taking a sociology class during the time this poster was commissioned, so I had a bit of help in understanding the ideas of "visibility is a trap" and "digital dualism." Based on my readings, I used visibility as a trap to draw people in. In one hand, this poster forces you to get close to read the details of the event. In the other hand, the closer you are to the poster the more ambiguous the background image becomes.

Client: Stevenson University School of Design
Industry: Education
Scope: Illustration, Print, Typography
Year: 2014-15