Branded by History

Imagine a time where kings and queens ruled, knights protected, and people took so much pride in their work that they would stake their name on their craft, so much so that their trade actually was their name. 


Once upon a time, during the Medieval period, people didn't have last names, as everyone in these small towns knew their neighbors. But as the towns grew, a need arose to find ways to differentiate between two people who shared the same first name. These surnames came from a variety of places. Some referred to size (Little, Long, etc.), hair color, complexion (White, Black, Reed), temperament, social status, and commonly, ones profession (Barber, Taylor, Baker, etc.). That's where I come in. Seals is the occupational name for a maker of seals or signet rings.

At first they were the exclusive use of monarchs, bishops, and royal courts for use in issuing official decrees and authenticating documents. The use of wax seals then gradually became more democratized, spreading from aristocrats, to monasteries and guilds, and eventually to ordinary freemen. Each individual had their own seal, and in a time when many were illiterate, they were used in place of a signature to authenticate any act executed in someone’s name.


It was their brand. And while we live in a different time with different technology, as my name suggests, I create and work with brands to help them succeed with their audience and in their market. And that's why "Seals" is more than a name to me.

It speaks to a tradition of designing and communicating concepts that are original and personalized every time—painstakingly thought out, hand-lettered, inked, embossed, sealed with wax and impressed with a custom signet. That’s why I’m a designer whose main studio will always be his heart. When I develop a brand or design, I take the time to draw out its story with both adaptability and precision, to deliver an authentic message by shading in every nuanced detail that makes that project unique and special. It’s what allows me to make something you’ve never seen before, but instantly feels timeless and true.