The Green Bar

I had the great opportunity to develop a logo, brand collateral, and packaging designs for a new organic juice and smoothie company called The Green Bar. What I thought was great was how much freedom I had with the project, and the fact that I was asked to do something different, not just the cliché sunbursts, and green leaves. 

  • Concept

    The final concept is based in part by personal experience. Like every college design major who stays up until 4 in the morning working on a project, I started drinking coffee. However, it got the point where coffee did nothing for me. I'd drink a cup before falling asleep. So I tried eating chocolate covered espresso beans. I'd eat like 24 in a day (8 equals 1 cup of coffee). I'd still fall asleep. Finally, I got on this health kick, and started eating fruits (since I heard an apple can give you more energy than a cup of coffee) and drinking fruit smoothies. And it worked! And it hasn't let me down yet.

    The other half of the final concept is based on a conversation between myself and the owner of The Green Bar. He said, “I envision The Green Bar as a benchmark for healthy a new standard of diet. Meeting that bar.”

  • Design

    green bars representing "fully charged." As for the logo, it's completely typographic, and used the three bars from the battery to make the "E" in "Green." The labels for the bottles were designed around that idea of "raising the bar." And finally, the badges on the bottle caps are based on the two ends of a battery, and also create an abstract monogram with the plus sign as a "T" for "The" and a minus sign as a literal green bar.

    Lastly, there are the labels for the bottles. Combining the idea of raising the bar and refueling one's energy levels, the labels show a battery scaling up and down a series of bars, with each color representing a different energy level.

Client: The Green Bar
Industry: Drink
Scope: Branding, Packaging
Year: 2016