Vocal Type Co.

Vocal Type Co. is a font design company that specializes in the recreation of typography made for cause and advocacy marketing materials from different progressive movements throughout history. Inspired by the lack of diversity in the design industry, Vocal strives to highlight the history of different cultures in hopes of creating a global aesthetic.

  • Back Story

    I came up with the idea of Vocal Type Co. around June or July of 2016. I was working on a logo project, looking for inspiration, and I suppose because I had done so many logos already, everything looked the same to me, and I was just really bored with design, and started wondering if I had just wasted the past 5 years of my life.

    Now, I don't know where the thought came from, but something told me to look at the demographics of the design industry. And as I started digging, I found all of these articles about over 80% of all graphic designers in the U.S. are White, while only 3% are black, with slightly greater percentages of other minority groups, and how this lack of diversity, in terms of race and ethnicity leads to a lack of diversity in ideas.

    As I started to think about this more and more, I realised that if you operate in an industry dominated by a single race, you'll only learn they way they've been taught, and you'll only find inspiration from where they teach you to find inspiration. So, I set a brief for myself to figure out a way to allow designers to be inspired by other cultures.

  • Concept & Design

    Every major revolution, no matter the cause, those changes happened by economic and social shifts brought about by the people's voices, and those things weren't voted for. Those voices are what inspire Vocal. Here we specialize in the recreation and adaption of typography made for cause and advocacy marketing efforts throughout world history in hopes of creating a global aesthetic.

    The colors are black and white to match a newspaper aesthetic, and as not to influence peoples opinions with color. The business cards are meant to look like protest placards, and the website is meant to act as a timeline.

Client: The Design Industry
Industry: Design
Scope: Branding, Typography, Web
Year: 2016-Present


PRESS: RevisionpathTyperoomAIGA Member Gallery (1,2,3),
Behance Graphic Design Gallery (x3)